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"Mashani Salads" is a familial factory that began operation 75 years ago, growing and developing into a large, modern factory, yet continuing to manufacture the same old family recipes …

The factory owners, grandchildren of Cadury Cadury manage the factory, each one in his own area of expertise, but one of them always tastes at least one salad manufactured in the factory once a day, to check the taste and quality of the original family recipe.

The factory manufactures dozens of tons of salads every month, composed of 120 types of salads.
The factory has ISO 9001 productions certificates.

The factory has the kosher approval of Chug Chatam Sofer, Petah Tiqwa and is under the supervision of the Rishon Le-Zion Rabbinate.

In all the large marketing chains, the factory's produce is sold to consumers in hermetic packages and is available in deli department of supermarkets for sale by weight.

The factory produce is marketed to large institutional kitchens, restaurants, hotels, banquet halls and catering plants.

The factory exports its produce to the Jewish European market, and the oriental market in large supermarkets in France, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Construction of a large and spacious factory in the industrial zone of Rishon Le-Zion is being completed these days, to which the Mashany factory will soon transfer.

How to preserve taste and quality over time?

It all begins with the quality of the raw materials.
Here there are no compromises, only the best, the freshest, combined with the family formula of taste.
These salads have loyal customers who know how to appreciate a good salad.


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